M-A Utolsó figyelmeztetés a TNK Cup 2006-ra

Last call for pilots to TNK Balloon Cup 2006!

Dear friends!

This letter is a last call for pilots to “TNK balloon Cup –
2006” (stage 2)!
Competition will take place at Kamyanets-Podilskiy, UKRAINE in
September, 11-17.
– each pilot should have at least 100 hours as PIC of hot air balloon;
– the competition will be run under the “AX Model Event Rules – 2006”
(with observers);
– insurance: participants must be insured to a minimum of 35 000 euros for
third parties. Each pilot and each passenger must be insured to a
minimum of 25 000 euros.
– Entry fee: $100;
– official languages of competition are English, Ukrainian and
– special prizes for the task’s winners;
– accommodation with meals parking for a team of four persons (pilot + 3)
– LPG, maps, souvenirs, banquets, social program etc., etc.

See details at: http://balloons.km.ua/2006/agenda.htm

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